Det forunderlige liv i Ecuador

New Movies from Ecuador

Posted by on Jun 21, 2015 in Ecuadorlife, Feature engelsk, Kultur og historie | 0 comments

Movies from Ecuador are hot! Not only in Ecuador. There is an Ecuatorian Film Festival in New York just in this moment. Production support...

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But Lonely George wasn’t dead

Posted by on Oct 31, 2014 in Ecuadorlife, Feature engelsk | 0 comments

I knew George when he lived. It may have been in the year 2009 or in 2010, I met him at the Galapagos. He must have been more than 100...

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Don Alfonso Espinosa de los Monteros

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He has beaten the record and now he has his name is n the Guinness Book of Records. Alfonso Espinoza is Ecuador’s TVs Methuselah....

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An Earthquake in Quito

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First there was one measured at 5.1. on the Richter scale. Immediately after this came another on 4.1. It came in the afternoon yesterday...

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Cotocachi is a small town in the Andes with a Native American name no one longer knows what mean. Geographically it is located in the...

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